Board of Directors

Clark Aposhian


Randall Doyle

Randall made Utah home in 1983, shortly after separating from the U.S. Air Force. He is a manager for a private school with campuses in five states. Although Randall enjoys and appreciates all aspects of the shooting sports, his main focus is upon self-defense and on the philosophical, historical and legal foundations of the Second Amendment. He started volunteering in 2009 for the USSC at gun shows, and has coordinated USSC’s volunteering activities for approximately four years. Randall assists with USSC’s “Safe to Learn, Safe to Teach” program, which provides free CCW classes, targeted to the school/classroom environment, for Utah educators. Randall has been serving on the USSC Board of Directors since 2014, and is a member of the NRA, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation.

Brent McNee

Brent McNee

Brent retired from the United States Air Force in 2009. He was a competitive shooter in the service for seventeen years and has some significant accomplishments at the National Matches at Camp Perry and Inter-service Championships at Fort Benning. He has also helped run and organize many national and local shooting events. Brent has been a firearm instructor for over forty years and now teaches at a local gun store. He has been a Life Member of the National Rifle Association since 1984. Brent is on the board of directors of the Utah Precision Marksmanship Society (U of U collegiate shooting activities and Bullseye pistol shooting). He is an avid Sporting Clay, Skeet and Five Stand participant in local activities. He is also an avid tournament fisherman and currently serves on committees for the Utah DWR. Brent is interested in helping people get involved in shooting sports by becoming involved with the many organizations throughout the state and country.

Bill Pedersen

Bill is active in the outdoors and a gun enthusiast, Bill has been enjoying this great State of Utah for over forty years. He got involved with the USSC in 2007 Volunteering at Gun Shows talking to members of the USSC and citizens of Utah about gun rights and gun laws. Bill currently manages the USSC Facebook site and also works with Utah Legislators on Capitol Hill on existing and upcoming new legislation involving gun Laws. He also works with youth to teach gun safety and gun owner responsibility and opens his home on an annual basis to provide opportunities for law abiding Utah citizens to get their Conceal Carry Permits. Bill Pedersen was nominated to the USSC Board of Directors in the spring of 2011 and is currently a Member of the NRA.

Bill Pedersen with Deer

Woody Powell

Elwood Powell

Elwood is a retired business trial lawyer. It was through his efforts and others that USSC was resurrected in 1992 to work on concealed carry legislation in Utah, with Powell serving as its chairman for over 10 years. Active in competition high power, he won the sharpshooter match rifle class at the National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio in 1999. He is presently the president of the Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association, and before that was high power chairman for several years. He has helped with the identification of five new range sites in Utah, worked on their construction as well as the rehabilitation of the mothballed 1,000 yard military range on the far south side of the Wendover, Utah airport. He was and currently is a USSC board member, and is presently the secretary/treasurer. Projects he is presently working on are the identification and construction of two new outdoor range sites in Utah County. Currently, he is also one of the instructors of the University of Utah pistol marksmanship class, and an assistant coach of the University of Utah Pistol Team.

Bill Scott

Upon fleeing the People’s Republic of Maryland and finding gun freedom in Utah, Bill Scott became active working with the USSC. Knowing the oppression that gun owners experience in a state like Maryland has motivated him to protect and expand Second Amendment freedoms here in Utah. He enjoys collecting, practical style shooting sports, and trap. Bill is passionate about self-defense training and is an avid hunter enjoying both rifle and bow hunting. Bill currently serves as our Membership Secretary and has been active working the gun shows and writing our alerts.

Bill Scott Hunting

Brent Tenney

Brent Tenney

Brent first got involved in RKBA issues while attending the University of Utah. He founded a student group to advocate for campus carry rights and ensure that the U obeyed the state’s pre-emption law. Since that time he’s expanded his efforts to ensure that numerous public institutions of higher education as well as county governments, municipalities, and state agencies respect our right to keep and bear arms. He’s also passionate about working with legislators to improve Utah’s gun laws and defeat anti-gun bills.

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